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Wilderness Skills

Remember to walk as part of nature – trusting that all we need is provided for us.
We gather out in nature from Friday evening till Tuesday midday. 

What we learn:

  • Bowdrill – How to make fire without matches and lighter?
  • Shelter – How to build a sleepingbag from natural materials that keeps us warm into minus degrees?
  • Water & Food – Where do we find water? (We are only looking a little into food. The understanding and recognising of what is edible needs far more training than „just“ four days – this is about safety.)
  • Camouflage & Tracking – How to move through nature that we are not recognised as humans?

We will eat healthy “normal” food. This is not a survival training!

Date: When ten people want to dive into their wild
Costs: CHF 750.– (4 days into the wild, tuitition & materials, food incl.)
(Insurance is on the participant)

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