Be nature – be connected – be yourself

– Council Guide –

A Council Guide goes through a three years  development journey that does change your life.

Learn to transform your limiting beliefs into life-growing ones. Learn to become part of a tribe where every voice matters and to make decisions from 8 perspectives of wholeness. It is what will make this life time deeply valuable and significant.

If you want to become a Council Guide, check this webpage. If you have questions contact me via contact form or telefon.

HeartWay Drum Crafting

Medicine Council & Guidance

Wilderness Skills

Medincine Guidance & Council


Holding a space – listen – mirroring back – walking together through the wheel.
What is needed? Which shift would bring you to a next level of discovering or expressing your true self? What is your next step in life?

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Wilderness Skills

Into the wild side

Fire without matches and lighters? Sleepingbags made from natural materials? Learn a sustainable and gentle way to live with nature.

Remember to walk as part of nature – trusting that all we need is provided for us.

Next Dates:
When five people want to dive into their wild-side. (max 10People)

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HeartWay Drum Crafting

Ceremonial Crafting

Crafting your own drum in a ceremonial space – birthing a drum that is alive.
A powerful medicine object that journeys with you the path of your heart.

Next Date:
When five people want to craft their HeartWayDrum. (max 8 People)

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  • HeartWay Drum Crafting
  • Medicine Guidance & Councelling
  • Wilderness Skills